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Top 5 Free WordPress Plugins That We Love

Free WordPress Plugins Fire Lily Solutions

It can be daunting trying to find the best plugins to use for your WordPress site. We outline our top Free WordPress plugins and why we love them so much:

1. Elementor

If There’s One Plugin We Can’t Live Without, It’s Elementor. Elementor Is A wordpress Page builder, an alternative to the wordpress default page builder.

In comparison to the default editor, Elementor gives you immediate gratification by instant drag-and-drop tools and live previews. This means that you can see what your page is going to look like without having to publish and preview your page.

Another great feature is the pre-designed pages and page blocks. You can choose from hundreds of beautifully designed page templates as a base to start off with. You can also save your own pages or blocks as templates and re-use them throughout your site. This proves quite useful for recurring things like social media links and calls to action.

The cool thing about this free WordPress plugin is that The Base Functionality Is absolutely Free And That’s All You Need, But There Are Paid Versions with extra features.

2. WP Invoicing and quoting

Make Your Business Processes Seamless And Automated With this Quoting and Invoicing plugin for wordpress. The quoting plugin is a separate plugin and is an extension for the invoicing plugin.

Some basic setup is required before you can begin. you can setup your business information, Rules, logos and style. you also have the option of adjusting the invoice and quote template wording to suite your business rules. Thereafter you can add all of your products, pricing, vAT Rate and specify whether your items should be billed once-off or as a subscription. Once you’re done you can start quoting, discounting and invoicing.

We love that this plugin does electronic acceptance and also caters for EFT payment information. Once a quote is sent off via email, the user can click a button on the quote to accept or reject the quote. You can even set up automated invoice generation on quote acceptance.

Paid plugin extensions allow you to collect payment through a variety of payment gateways including: PayFast, PayU and Sage Pay. However, the free version is all you need for a small to medium business solution.

3. Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 may seem basic at first, but its flexibility makes it powerful. If you need to collect peoples contact information or get them to sign up or book services from your website, contact form 7 allows you to do just that and more.

You can add contact forms to collect names, emails and phone numbers on your contact page of your website. Additionally, you can create sign-up or booking forms for products or services.

Alternatively, you can add a required ‘acceptance’ field with a link to your business terms and conditions or a subscriber agreement. This means that users signing up have to accept your terms before they can submit the form.

Unlike the WPForms plugin, You’re allowed more than one email notification to be sent when a user submits a form. The email notifications can be sent to your business and also to the user to confirm their details and for any follow-up actions, such as asking them to fill out a form.

Going Even Further, you can add the Contact form 7 extension for MailChimp. MailChimp is a web-based email marketing tool. This plugin allows you to automatically add email addresses to your mailchimp audience list if the user opts-in when filling out your form.

4. Yoast SEO

SEO is Search Engine Optimization. In layman terms, SEO is methods used to make your website pages rank higher on search result pages on the internet. These pages can be accessed through search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing.

Yoast SEO makes all of this pretty easy. This plugin is Available on each page and post and allows you to easily configure your page keywords, Title and meta description. This information tells search engines what your pages are about. It also tells it which keywords you want your page to rank for in search results. Yoast then checks your page content to ensure it contains text relevant to your keywords.

This plugin also generates an XML Site Map for your website. An XML Site map is basically a guide or Road map into your website pages that tells search engines how to navigate through the important pages. Read this guide to find out some information on sitemaps and Check Out More Detailed Features Here.

5. Photo Gallery

This responsive photo gallery plugin scales stunningly across different devices. It also makes your website more appealing to visitors.

You can choose from a few different gallery layouts and you can even add video galleries.

This is a Free WordPress plugin and contains all the functionality you need, but there are also paid versions with extra Features.

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