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About Us

We are a digital solutions business, focusing on digital marketing and web development. We take pride in our systematic approach to finding a solution to your business problems. Outsourcing your web development, social media and digital marketing means that you have more time to actually run your business and be even more productive.

We are inspired by the Fire Lily, known also by its more formal name Cyrtanthus Ventricosus. This flower defies all expectation by producing its beautiful scarlet petals just nine days after a seemingly destructive fire. This persistence and pure relentlessness for success is a big part of our business inspiration and promise. We strive for the best in quality and efficiency and ultimately these two things lead to success.

With our story in mind, our mission and vision comes to life.

Mission and Vision

Fire Lily Solutions was founded to help business owners understand and utilize technology. We dream of shifting power from the digital world to the business owner.

Our Process

1. Scope

We find out more about your business, gather your business requirements and propose a solution


We ensure your solution is up to top notch standards by testing, testing and testing!


We iteratively design and develop your business solution as defined in your requirements. This could include demo and feedback sessions.


Its time to let everyone know how awesome your business is. Whether you're launching a website, re-branding your business or just advertising your products or services.

Let's Talk Business

Let's grab some coffee and find out how we can make your business even more successful.

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