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How to access your domain mailbox

If you’ve got your own website and some custom email addresses and just no clue on how to access them, then this guide is for you. Lets say your website is and your domain email address is ‘’ – how do you access your emails and send new mails from this email address? We’ve outlined a few easy steps on how to access your domain mailbox:

3 easy steps to access your domain mailbox

1 – Firstly, you need to ensure that you have your login details handy. Your login details will usually be your username and password. In some cases you may need your mail server (incoming and outgoing) and port number. If you haven’t received your mailbox details, you can request it from your service provider. If you are a Fire Lily Solutions customer you can request this from or send a request to our WhatsApp Business line.

2 – Next you need to decide how you would like to access your domain mailbox emails. You could access them from your phone, tablet or personal computer (Either via a web browser or application). There are a variety of ways you can check your mails, but it’s best to choose the most convenient option for you. You can also set it up on all of your devices, especially if you’re on the move.

3 – It’s now time to access your domain mailbox. Take a look at our suggested difficulty levels for each option below before you proceed:

Desktop Application

Difficulty Level: Easy , Usability Level: Easy

These applications need to be installed on your computer, but in some cases may already be pre-installed on certain operating systems. This is the case with Outlook as it is the standard Microsoft mail client application. Alternative if you’re looking for a better mail client our favourite application is Mozilla Thunderbird. You can easily login to your mailbox using any mail client by entering your email address and password. The application will pull all the settings and configuration required automatically from your mail server.

Mozilla Thunderbird - access your domain mailbox

Mobile Application

Difficulty Level: Easy , Usability Level: Easy

Usually your phone or tablet operating system already has a Mail application pre-installed. On iOS devices you can use the Mail application and enter your credentials to read emails and send emails to access your domain mailbox. You can download Outlook on Play Store (Android) or Outlook on App Store (iOS). Alternatively you can download your own preferred application. Here are a list of apps to choose from:

Mail apps for Android:

  • Gmail
  • ProtonMail
  • Aqua Mail
  • BlueMail
  • FairMail
  • nine
  • Spike
  • Outlook
  • Yahoo Mail
  • 10 minutes email

Mail apps for iOS:

  • Gmail
  • Spark
  • Proton Mail
  • Outlook
  • TempMail

Gmail application - access your domain mailbox
Gmail app

Web Browser

Difficulty Level: Easy, Usability Level: Medium

All you need to do is open up your favourite browser such as Chrome or Firefox and navigate to your online web mail. You can use the free web version of Outlook –

Outlook application - access your domain mailbox

Alternatively, you can use your hosting providers web mail. For Fire Lily Solutions hosting customers you can visit, depending what your website address is. All you need to do is prefix your domain with “mail.” and then enter this in your browser URL, click enter and then select Webmail. You will then need to enter your username and password to login. Alternatively you can also go to Webmail directly.

Webmail - access your domain mailbox
Webmail - access your domain mailbox

Gmail – Web Browser or Mobile App

Difficulty Level: Hard, Usability Level: Medium

If you love Google Suite and Gmail as much as we do, then why not incorporate your domain email address into your Gmail Account? You will then be able to send and receive mail via your existing account. If you have your username, password, mail server and port number you can conveniently set this up and Gmail will sync your emails across from your mail server to your Google account.

Login to your Gmail Account and navigate to the Settings icon at the top right as shown below. Click the ‘Accounts and Import’ tab at the top of the Settings menu.

Gmail receive emails - access your domain mailbox

Receiving Mails:

  • For setting up receiving emails, the section we are looking for is the ‘Check mail from other accounts’. Click the ‘Add a mail account’ link.
  • Click the ‘Add a mail account’ button as indicated by the red arrow below. Enter your domain-specific Email Address you want to receive Emails from to your Gmail account.
  • Once you’ve added your Email and clicked ‘Next’, ensure the POP3 option is selected on the next screen. Then click ‘Next’ again.
  • Enter your Username, Password, POP Server, Port and options according to the details provided to you by Fire Lily Solutions.
    • Enter username: Your full email address E.g.:
    • POP Server. This is usually
    • Select port ‘995’ from the dropdown
    • Enter Password Provided
    • Tick: Always use a secure connection (SSL)
    • Check: Always use secure connection
    • Tick: Label incoming messages
    • Click ‘Add Account’ when done. Your account has now been setup to receive emails, but you can continue to set up the account to send mail from your domain email. Select Yes and Next when prompted.
Gmail send emails - access your domain mailbox

Sending Mails:

  • In the same tab ‘Accounts and Import’, go to the ‘Send mail as’ section below and click on the ‘Add another email address’ link. Enter your name and Email Address. If the option appears to send mail through your SMTP server, then select the second option. Gmail servers are more likely to be blacklisted for spam abuse.
    • Untick: Treat as an Alias
  • Click ‘Next’ and you will need to enter the SMTP Settings below
    • Enter SMTP Server provided by your host. This is usually
    • Enter Username: Your full email address E.g.:
    • Select port ‘465’ from the dropdown
    • Enter your password
    • Tick: Secure connection using TLS
    • Click ‘Add Account’ when done. You will need to verify this by clicking a link in an email they will send to this mailbox. How do you verify without having access to the mailbox? You can login using any of the other options above via Mobile, Desktop or Browser application just to click the verification link.

Testing it all out

  • When composing a new mail you will notice the “To” field has a dropdown where you can select your domain email address. You can also change your settings to make sure this is the default email address to select when composing or replying to emails. (See below)
  • Send yourself an email from a completely different email account or fill in a form on your website that you know triggers an email to the email account you just added. Wait 1-2 minutes. If you receive the email to your domain-specific email address, then congratulations.
  • The email will have a label with the domain-specific email address as shown below
  • Please double check your Spam folder if you cannot find it in your inbox.
Gmail composing email - access your domain mailbox
Gmail set as default - access your domain mailbox

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